The purpose of this survey will be:

I.To ascertain the current status of Health & Safety within the Organisation
II.Provide a method of bringing it into line with:

           A.Current Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation
           B.The Organisations own amended policy in relation to Health & Safety and the                                            Environment.
           C.Other relevant Health & Safety information and Environmental Legislation, already                                    available within the Organisation.
           D.Management Improvement Criteria including the recommendation and design of                                      information and procedures to include :
                   1.Outputs and Standards:
                   3.Review Arrangements
                   4.Delivery and Output Evaluation
                   5.Continuous Improvement

The organisation will be analysed using computer-modelling techniques to provide operational analysis in line with the Organisation’s current and proposed organisational chart by:

I.  Management Committee
II. Sub Committee
III.Designated Assessment Areas e.g. individual locations, such as Kitchens, Bars, Lounges,                        Offices, Workshops, Stores etc
IV.Processes/ Activities carried out in those Areas
V.All Hazards related to those processes/activities or those intrinsic in the area.

The survey will take the form of a written report and will include the requirement and review of common provisions in the Health & Safety Regulations and these will be applied, where applicable, for:

I.  Risk Assessment
II. Provision of Information
III. Instruction and Training
IV.Identification of hazards throughout all operational areas.
V. Review of all control measures in force and suggestions as to improvement.
VI.Prioritisation of action required.

It is estimated the above will take between 4-6 weeks from commencement of contract.


I.Preparation of a Project Plan to complete all items identified in Stage One to include:
           A.The preparation of additional or supplemental Risk Assessments.  These will be prepared                        in  conjunction with the appropriate line managers/supervisors.
           B.Assistance in the provision of information relating to policy statements and safe working                         practices for all activities.
           C.Establishment of staff training matrices for all operational areas.
           D.Provision of Hazard Data information under related Approved Codes of Practice.
           E.Provision and maintenance of a computerised Safety Management System customised to                         the requirements of the Organisation, covering:
                           1.Detailed Hazard Register
                           2.Hazard Identification & location
                           3.Hazard Data Information
                           4.Process Activity Information (Safe Working Practices and operational                                                        standards)
                           5.Assessment Information
           F.Workplace Inspection Exception Reporting, Monitoring & Review
           G.Accident & Incident Recording, Monitoring & Review
           H.On-site training in the use of the Safety Management System.


I. Appropriate Training will be provided in relation to all line management Health & Safety                           functions, which will be based on the specific requirements identified in Stages 1 & 2.
II.Active Monitoring will be carried out through Workplace Inspections that will be performed                       initially on a monthly basis, in association with the line managers/supervisors.
           Exception reports being prepared and entered into the computer system.  These reports will be                used to monitor the total workplace and provide the basis for improving the overall                                  organisations Management and Health & Safety culture.
III.       Reactive Monitoring will also be provided for all Accidents, Incidents (Near Misses/Hits) together             with the preparation and review of the relevant reports.
IV.      Management reports to be made available on a monthly basis for review by the Management                    Committee.


Arrangements will be made for an Annual or Bi-Annual independent audit of the Safety Management System once established.