Capital Accounting Solutions for the Public Sector

Proposed cut backs in public spending, together with the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to all areas of the UK public sector are placing increasing demands on all government bodies in relation to Capital Accounting and ongoing Tangible and Intangible Asset management.

Purcell Jones Associates now offer a comprehensive service to the NHS, Central and Local Government  in creating and maintaining the necessary records for full IFRS compliance, utilising leading brands of computer software designed for the task.

Considerable cost savings can be attained utilising specialised shared services.
These services are provided by fully qualified staff, with many years experience of capital accounting in the Public Sector.
All staff are and will continue to be up to date with the many challenging issues being brought about by the adoption of IFRS and the requirements of the respective Government Reporting Manuals and Codes of Practice.

For full details of tailor made services available please contact Mike Purcell-Jones FCA, directly on 07967 639287 or by e-mail at